TODAY TRANSLATIONS - ServiceTranslation in over 20 languages:

Chinese (both Simplified and Traditional), English, Japanese, Korean, Thai, Malay, Indonesian, Vietnamese, Burmese, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Swedish, Latin, Arabic, Russian, and Dutch.


Translation in different professional fields:

Commercial documents, legal bonds, proceedings of meetings, scientific and technical information, operation manuals and instructions, electronics, electrical engineering, medicine, pharmacology, biochemistry, beauty, civil engineering, interior design, immigration, and investment.


Translation with different mediums:

Different document forms, credentials, videotapes, DVD, dubbing, and captioning plus web.


Translation for interpretation:

We provide professional interpreters specialized in various fields. Interpreting services include simultaneous interpretation, follow-up interpretation, meeting interpretation, legal affair interpretation, market investigation interpretation, entourage interpretation, speech interpretation, press conference interpretation, etc.


Attestation & Accreditation

TODAY TRANSLATIONS - ServiceDocuments of companies, individual investments, immigration, employment, bidding, overseas learning, marriage, living, real estates.


License, tax vouchers, regulations, contracts, investment, authorization, bidding forms, legal documents, etc.


Copy of the residence booklet, marriage certificate, birth certificate, divorce certificate, death certificate, award warrants, diplomas, education certificates, score forms, working, licenses, hiring, tax vouchers, adoption, vows, authorization, etc.


The above documents are required to be accredited by the following organizations:

Police station, court, foreign ministry, associations of various counties in Taiwan, embassies of various countries. non-government organizations: sworn accreditation by our translation company, accreditation by the translation association, accreditation by non-government accreditation officers


Immigration & Study Abroad documents

1. Immigration through status of spouse, parent, sister or brother
  • copy of relational residence booklet
  • marriage certificate
  • copy of applicant's family residence booklet
  • copy of original birth residence booklet, etc
2. Working:
  • copy of applicant's family residence booklet
  • service reference
  • tax withholding voucher
  • diploma
  • training certificate
  • award warrants, special technical certificates, etc
3. Investment or branch office:
  • company regulations, license from the economic ministry, business license from the municipal government, list of the shareholder names, income statements and balance sheet for the last three years
  • copy of the residence booklet
  • education certificates
  • marriage certificate
  • military service retirement warrant
  • voucher from the police station
  • financial ability reference, etc
  • School Transcript
  • Bank Statements
  • Recommendation Letters
  • I-20